• PharmaCupboard: Inventory Liquidation To Drive Economy & Save Environment
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    陕西11选5PharmaCupboard: Inventory Liquidation To Drive Economy & Save Environment

    PharmaCupboard is a the brainchild of Suresh of Suresh Purohit, an innovative technocrat who has a successful record of accomplishments in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. As an Engineering & MBA graduate, he was curious to explore his area of interest. He observed that Pharma and Chemical industries have excess, surplus and trailing quantities of materials because of product changeovers and other internal/external conditions. He also noticed that these materials lie idle at some site, while there are a few companies & industries that are capable of using the same materials. He saw this as an area of pain and could be addressed well by a transparent digital platform and established PharmaCupboard.com. Suresh's early experience with OliveTrips.com (C2C portal for vehicle...


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